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PURINOX HME: Low resistance, best humidification, closest to normal breathing.

Superior performance

The PURINOX HME has proven to release more moisture during inhalation while the resistance remains low. The PURINOX HME is suitable for all daily activities.

Ease of speaking

Speak comfortably by sealing the PURINOX HME without applying additional pressure on the stoma.


The PURINOX HME can be cleaned and is circular after the period of use.

Several colors

A cover allows customization of the PURINOX HME to match your style or skin tone.

Total laryngectomy

A total laryngectomy is a surgical procedure in which the larynx is removed. This procedure may be necessary in advanced or recurrent cancer of the larynx. Worldwide, more than 100,000 people undergo this surgery each year. Even though this procedure is very invasive, a good quality of life remains possible.


Breathing after a laryngectomy

After undergoing a total laryngectomy, you will breathe through a stoma in your neck instead of through your nose and mouth. This also means that you can no longer speak the way you used to. Fortunately, there are good therapies, methods and tools for learning to speak again. 

Because the air is no longer inhaled through your nose, the air is cooler and less humid. The important heating and humidification function can be restored by using a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME).

What is an HME?

Complaints and complications can arise because cooler, less humid air goes directly into your trachea and lungs. Your trachea can become irritated and your lungs respond by producing more mucus. The consequent coughing and frequent cleaning of your stoma can be annoying. The use of an HME helps to drastically reduce possible complications and related discomfort.

HME functioning

When breathing through an HME, the air is warmed and humidified. An HME stores the heat and moisture of exhaled air to transfer it back to the air you inhale. After an adjustment period, your lungs and bronchi will adapt to breathing through an HME and mucus production and coughing will decrease significantly.


Due to its innovative design and the use of advanced 3D metal-printing technology, the PURINOX HME humidifies considerably more than other HMEs. At the same time, the resistance of the PURINOX HME remains low.

If you use a voice prosthesis, the PURINOX HME facilitates speech. You can simply seal the ergonomically designed openings of the PURINOX HME with your thumb and index finger, without putting pressure on your stoma. This way you can easily regulate your breathing, for example when you want to pause between longer sentences.

The PURINOX HME can be easily cleaned and reused. The PURINOX HME can also be recycled after the period of use. This way you produce less waste and you contribute to a cleaner world.

Covers are available in several colors, so your PURINOX HME can match your skin tone or even your clothing. This will help you feel more comfortable in social situations.


Superior performance

With the PURINOX HME, more moisture is released during inhalation while the breathing resistance remains low. This makes breathing feel natural and reduces the risk of respiratory complications. The PURINOX HME is suitable for all daily activities.

Ease of speaking

The PURINOX HME has a unique ergonomic design that allows for sealing without applying additional pressure on the stoma. This provides extra convenience when speaking.


The PURINOX HME can be cleaned and is circular after the period of use. Thereby, you can contribute to a cleaner world.

Several colors

With the interchangeable covers, you can easily customize your PURINOX HME. Covers are available in a variety of colors to match various skin tones or even your clothing.

Starting with PURINOX HME

Your starter set contains everything you need to always have a clean and safe PURINOX HME. The PURINOX HME is placed in an adhesive, tube, or button with a 22 mm connection. You can also use the PURINOX HME with the right connector in a tracheostomy tube. 

After three months of use, you order four new PURINOX HMEs to always have optimally functioning HMEs. It is also possible to order additional accessories in our Health Shop. After the period of use, you can return the PURINOX HMEs for recycling.

PURINOX HME Experiences

paul dumas

Paul Dumas

Co-founder PURINOX HME

"With the innovative PURINOX HME, we have achieved several crucial breakthroughs together with the Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek hospital: performance that is twice as good for healthier patients; a circular no-waste product that is cheaper and more compact; and a large part of the proceeds flow back to cancer research. We are incredibly proud of these innovations."



"The PURINOX HME gives air, brings freedom, is comfortable and feels like progress. Thanks to the PURINOX HME, I can make my dream come true next year: walking from the Netherlands to the top of Alpe D'Huez, to raise funds for promising research into immunotherapy in the field of head and neck cancer at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital."

About us

PURINOX HME was developed by Mobius 3D technologies in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

Using innovation to improve quality of life is our passion. We are committed to connecting the medical and technical worlds and making great leaps forward in solutions for the patient. With our innovations, we are always aiming to produce sustainable, circular solutions with minimal waste. By striving to be cost-effective for healthcare and return revenue to the hospital – where it benefits further research to improve the quality of life of patients – we are challenging the market norm with state-of-the-art solutions.

The endless possibilities of 3D printing in combination with close cooperation with (medical) specialists, leading hospitals and patient associations have led to the development of the PURINOX HME.

PURINOX HME is a collaboration between Mobius 3D Technologies and the Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek.

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